My seven year old son is deaf and uses functional sign language. He is a cochlear implant recipient and uses oral language. However, it is our wish as a family to become fluent in ASL. Through SDSD, I was able to take a course via Skype for beginning ASL. My instructor, Colleen Barber, was phenomenal! Colleen taught me many signs in a fun and easy to follow format. My son participated in some sessions. We both loved it and hope to continue learning ASL this way. We live in a rural area with no deaf population so access to ASL is non-existent. This learning environment served our needs and was easily accessible for our rural setting. SDSD continues to help us gain educational opportunities and gives us positive input and information to navigate through our journey with deafness.

Lacy Wondercheck - Parent of an SDSD Outreach Client

Sign Language Resources

Our next sign language class starts September 15, 2016. Until then, click  here to keep practicing your skills! Or, practice "First Words: Clothing" posted below.

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