"SDSD has information on all the different paths to take, even ones you don’t think about.  We would have made a completely different decision had I not been connected with other families and not had all information available.  You can google and look up on the internet practically anything but there is nothing better than having the support group and knowledge SDSD provides."   

~Parent Comment regarding SDSD Outreach Services

 Sign Language Resources 

Our Spring Family Sign Language Class has come to an end.  Here is a great story signed in ASL by Brandon Valley students.  Keep checking back for new resources. To find past sign language videos, click  here.  

SDSD is working diligently to grow the content of our website. Check out our new tabs under Resources: Videos and ASL, Apps, & More. We've also added a link to the SDSD YouTube channel under Social Media in the banner at the base of our website.

Sioux Falls Area Upcoming Events

Summer Enrichment Program
Sioux Falls * July 2016
Application Deadline: May 27

 SDSD All Class Reunion
June 10-11* Register today!

Statewide Upcoming Events

Huron Family Event
May 26th *5:30-7:30 PM